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Land Surveying.


The vision of EMK was developed based on the value EMK’s leadership places on client relationships and client satisfaction and what the company would represent in the development of our community. Since its inception, EMK has provided both civil engineering and land surveying services, and our clients have benefited from having both of these departments in house. Land surveyors and civil engineers are required during the various stages of a project. Land surveyors provide services during the design stage and construction stage. Our team can meet our clients’ needs quickly because of the departments’ daily interactions with each other. The lag of time to transfer documents from one firm to another is eliminated, resulting in quick and positive project completion.

EMK's surveying operations include a full service surveying department utilizing the latest in survey equipment and technology. We use the most sophisticated instruments and data collection systems available for all of surveying services we provide. In addition, we utilize a Real-Time Kinematic Global\positioning System (GPS) manufactured by Trimble. The Survey Department works dependently and independently with the engineering department based on the scope of the project and the clients' need for a project. The survey team regularly provides design surveys including Boundary & Topographic surveys, as well as construction surveys including Construction Verification and As-Built Surveys. Our survey department offers the following land surveys and services:

Boundary & Topographic Surveys
Alta Surveys
Tree Location Surveys
High Water Determinations
As-Built Surveys
Right-of-Way Survey & Mapping
Utility Surveys
CADD Mapping
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Wetland Delineation Surveys
Wetzone Surveys
Platting & Lot Splits
Construction Layout/Control
Condemnation Surveys
FEMA Elevation Certificates
Digital Mapping Services
Quantification Surveys

Contact our Survey Department head, Dave Peach at 813-931-8900 for any further information: