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Do you want to begin construction on your site, but have not obtained all your required permits? Stop! You need to have all permits in hand prior to construction and EMK can help you.

EMK's extensive experience in Land Development allows us to offer a full range of permitting services. The permit department partners with businesses and individuals in Southwest & Central Florida to assist and expedite the permit process. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients, while maintaining our standards of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

The Goal of the Permitting Department is to lessen the burden on our clients and minimize any loss of time in obtaining Site Development and Building Permits. We provide that face-to-face interaction bridging the gap between the client and the permitting agencies.

EMK’s permitting team is not just a courier service. We see each project through from start to finish, which has become invaluable to the navigation process through the local municipalities. Our weekly team meetings allow us to discuss project status and pending approval issues, and formulate resolutions. Our services include “trouble-shooting” and tying up those loose ends.

Types of Permits
Commercial & Residential Site
Water / Wastewater Systems
Stormwater Systems
Landscaping & Tree Removal
Special Use & Variances
Mobile & Model Homes
Driveways & Culvert
Completion Certifications
General Services
Site Research / Existing Permits
Determine all required permits
Calculate Permit & Impact Fees
Presubmittal Meetings
Completion of Permit Application
Assemble & Submit Permit application packages
Comment Tracking
Project Status Updates
Regular follow-up with reviewing agencies
Final Close-out requirements
Many years of experience in this field has allowed us to establish an excellent rapport with the following agencies:

Hillsborough County - City of Clearwater - Pinellas County - City of Tampa - Pasco County
Polk County - Hernando County - Manatee County - City of Plant City - City of Largo - City of St. Petersburg 
City of Temple Terrace - City of Sarasota - City of Lakeland - Southwest Florida Water Management District 
St. John's Water Management District - Environmental Protection Commission - City of Sebring - Osceola County
City of Safety Harbor - Sarasota County - Citrus County - Florida Department of Transportation 
South Florida Water Management District - City of Kissimmee - Marion County


Permit Manger, Trevor Gregory