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Institutional & Recreational
EMK's team of civil engineering, land surveying, and permitting professionals have designed, and permitted hundreds of school projects ranging from new schools sites, to building additions, or infrastructure modifications/upgrades. They have also done the same for recreational facilities including playfields and track facilities.
Shorecrest Preparatory School
St. Petersburg, FL
  • Sits on 27 acres
  • Multiphase renovation of campus 
  • Lower Division, Upper Division, Middle Division and Athletic Complex.
  • Existing buildings were replaced by new buildings along with the realigning of the corresponding drives and sidewalk.
Bob Sierra YMCA - Tampa, FL
  • Site additions to existing YMCA on Northdale Blvd
  • Improvements included: parking lot reconfiguration to add additional parking and improve vehicle and pedestrian navigation as well as future buildings for additional locker space and child care
Beth Shields Middle School - Ruskin, FL

1st project:

  • New School campus
  • Sits on 37 acres
  • Complete Civil Design and Land Surveying
  • 1,275 lf entry road

2nd project:

  • Classroom Addition
  • Included stormwater, sanitary and potable water, and fire.
Westtown Church - Tampa, FL
  • New church facility on 35 acres
  • Project required a rezoning, which was approved for: 400 seat church sanctuary, a day care for 75 children, a total of 115,540 sf of building space

Eastlake Youth Sports Complex - Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Expansion of the Eastlake Sports Complex
  • Sits on 40 acres with 9.5 acre of wetland and 2.5 acres flood compensation
  • Expansion includes: baseball field, 2 multi-use football/soccer fields, a concession stand, restrooms, and parking facilities. 
First Baptist Church of Citrus Park / Citrus Park Christian School - Tampa/Odessa, FL
  • This Church / School operates 2 campuses; their 5 acre campus in Citrus Park & a new 40 acre campus in Odessa. 
  • The original campus includes P.E. fields, volleyball and basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas.  
  • The new campus includes a gymnasium for the basketball and volleyball practice and games, as well as a outdoor soccer / football field.  Baseball and softball fields are in the next phase.
Iglesia Misonera - Tampa, FL
  • Sits on 5 acres
  • 37, 200 sf church and associated parking and drainage infrastructure
Hillsborough County Schools - Classroom for Kids 6 & 9
  • Classroom building additions to 8 existing campuses: Walden Lake Elementary, Mintz Elementary, Buckhorn Elementary, Hunters Green, Beth Shields, Cypress Creek, Nancy Bartels, & Clark
  • Included water, water, drainage, sidewalk  infrastructure.
  • Provide areas for construction staging while still having adequate safety measures in place to separate the students from the construction. 
Playcourts - Hillsborough County Schools
  • Retained by the School District of Hillsborough County to evaluate the condition of existing recreation and competitive play courts.
  • Nine separate schools ranging from elementary to senior high schools
  • Upon completion of the evaluation process, construction plans were prepared for the demolition and re-construction of the courts. 
  • Also provided bidding and construction administration for the projects.